Friday, June 4, 2010


I can feel my bed calling for me but then my eyes just won't close. So yeah, I'm here online and blogging and chatting and Facebooking at exactly 12.17am. I've got slogan shouting tomorrow yet I think I have sore throat now. T^T Whatever la, shall scream at the top of my lungs tomorrow since it'll be the last day of school before semester break starts.

Lately, I've been addicted to several movie series like CSI, Dexter and Glee. They're awesomely amazing. It's freedom after all! Whee~ Shall be reading novels and story books more often during holidays. I want A Walk To Remember! Anyone?

Training Camp's drawing closer. And we have so much to prepare. We have visitors coming in to our school. And another combined gathering during holidays. WTF? How to enjoy life? I wanna be freed from all these nonsense.

I shall end my post with one word, not a word literally. It's just an expression? UGH!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


18 April
Had Mount Miriam fund raising activity and we managed to raise up to RM18k++ to be channeled to the cancer patients. Tiring yet fun! Lots of stuff were sold like curry puff, cream puff, doughnuts, rich chocolate cake, banana raisin cake, acar sayur, popiah, jelly, sour mangoes, soft toys and lastly GIGANTIC DORAEMON! We dragged our feet around begging people to buy this and that. And Amber became our last resort. We begged her like hell to buy the "Acar" and sour mangoes. Missed PC Lim's class for that.

19th April
yadi yada yada...Thanks for all the wishes and gifts. <3 you guys so much! ^.^

From Shu Yao! And awesome carved Pilot pen and a sweet note!

From Li Thyn, Hui Min, Su Sian, Vivian, Yi Ling and Huey Lin. CONAN! <3

From Lai Zhu. A huge bar of dark caramel chocolates with a CAT card. Meow :D

And also a cookie from Samantha. Ate before I could even take a picture of it! HEHE

20th April
Science Day. Sadly, Forms 3 and 5 were not involved but as usual, we're busy running errands in school, bringing the students from one place to another. And did I mention, mosquitoes are MURDEROUS! So many of them in 1 Ungu classroom that we barely can stand it for the next 2 weeks. GAH!

21st April
We conducted a massive spot check on the Forms 1-3 today. Tiring indeed cause after recess, everyone's fully exhausted and dead. And of course, drama competition was held in the school hall today. OMG! There's this dude from CLHS who played a role as a woman and like DUH, he's dressed up in this lengthy striking pink gown. FUYOH! At first sight, wow! Beautiful! Until he started talking! And he's Theresa's church friend! But anyways, MGS got 1st, CLS 2nd and CLHS 3rd. AWESOME!

Entered for only BM lessons in school and as usual TPS was nagging when she herself went to the discipline room to mark books and left us doing our essay. Says her, don't waste electricity (air-conditioner) in the school. =.='

I stayed up till 1.38am last night to finish up all my incomplete homework. Revision has been started but not am not doing it consistently. And mid-year exam is less than a month from now onwards. SHIT!

So, yeah, update from me for today ends here. F-U-L-L-S-T-O-P!

Saturday, April 10, 2010



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy CNY and Happy Valentines Day!

First time after so long! I can actually online and blog peacefully! All thanks to my PC which has a lot of issues! It keeps crashing and rebooting! Grrrr! Using my sister's laptop for this whole CNY break! TEEHEE!

Everyone's in CNY mood now. Relatives start pouring in! And that means red packets are pouring in! Haha! But but, at the same time, homework's piling up. I have Moral folio and a forum script to be done before the holidays end! DAMNATION!

Yesterday, I got home with a friend! Guess what! My aunt and cousin sister were there! :O So, that's the first part. We went back to school again after getting the comics for her. Again, around 2pm, I walked back and they're still there. But, I had a great chuckle over it! WHY? This was what happened:-

AL-cousin sister
CK- cousin brother

AL : Oh my! I have just spotted a white hair! *walked up to the mirror*
Aunt 1 : Never mind one la.
AL : NO! It's short and it's standing! HELP ME PLUCK IT OFF MY FREAKING HEAD!
Aunt 1 : Aiyo! So short how to pluck? Leave it la.
AL : NO! Ck, help me!
CK :*pull*
AL : Arggghhhh! Pulled out d?!?!?!
CK : No! I pulled three black hair!
AL : DAMN! Auntie, help me pull it off!
Aunt 2: *wears spectacles* Where? Ok. *pull* Oppppssss.....manage to pull half of it only!
AL: GAHHHH! Now it curls and stands!
*Everyone chuckles*

Saturday, February 6, 2010


It was supposed to be a perfect Saturday class because we DON'T have to bring any books for today! Woo~hoo! Yeah! That's the expression everyone gave early in the morning because we were having some motivation talk by an INTI lecturer. It was a boring talk, seriously very boring! Throughout the whole talk, we only learned three objectives:-
  • Have a clear focus
  • Discipline
  • Help each other
But we somehow had fun after the break time! We're divided into four teams to think of what products can be made of paper. Then, there's Q&A (not question & answer session, it's qualitative analysis) whereby the other team mates will either agree or object to the products written by the particular team. OMG! We had a great time shouting NO! and OK! in the hall. The atmosphere was so steam and heat-up!

The time came for us to go back! Guess what? The students, irresponsible ones threw rubbish in the hall and the teachers almost made us pick up the rubbish! After picking up, I had to "rummage" among the crowd to push my way out to the second porch. That's when Nicole approached and without saying anything, she walked off! She didn't even reply my "bye". She's weird yet funny at times! :o That's also when I was told to see Pn Ang on Monday! *sigh*

While waiting for 1.00 pm to tick, a group of form 1 students came! NOT FOR ME! But you know who la! OK, the deal was to give them TChan's number. I rejected? HAHA! They have this huge crush over them la! AND yes! Good news! Fresh from the oven! LI THYN RECEIVED A CNY CARD FROM A FORM 1 MALAY STUDENT! You should be proud of it! LOL

I'm deliberately in need for a cool area cause I just got off from the bathroom and here I'm sitting and the sweat won't stop dripping! DAMN IT! OK! Gotta go do my stuff now! Just have the intention to update my blog because I don't have so much time now to update this blog!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Today's definitely not my day. Why?
  • Microphone's not working although it functioned in the morning.
  • I did lots of spelling mistakes in my essay, dirtied my whole masterpiece and I wrote it the other way round!
  • Got teased by Pn Kanages in front of the whole class. *hides*
  • English aural is being brought forward a day earlier. *getshot*
  • Pn Ang insisted on me joining the Malay forum and requested me to attend so called audition.
  • Left my house at 3.10pm and headed to the Maxis Service Centre when I could leave at 4pm
  • Went to tuition in Midlands on a MOTORCYCLE! First time in my tuition history! Massive traffic jam!
  • Banged on the wooden chair thrice and my knee hurt like hell ! ! ! Grrrrr!
  • Actually dozed off once in Accounts tuition when Ms Khoo's explaining the Penyata Penyesuaian Bank.
  • Halfway throughout the class, I've no idea what had got into me but I stood up and the teacher stared!
  • Waited for my dad for HALF AN HOUR after tuition ended because of the stupid traffic jam outside my house until Penang Road!
Until the minute I've finished the last sentence, nothing funny has happened YET! So, pray for the goodness! ^.^

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cakes and cookies!

I'm helping my sissy daddy, Sam to advertise her awesome and delicious cookies and cakes! She's running a business on her own now! So, if you need them for any special occasion, try them NOW ! ! ! Anyone out there who knows Sam, please help to spread the words to support her ! ! !


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rm 20

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